February 21, 2014

Chale chalo dilon me ghav leke bhi chale chalo,

चले चलो दिलों में घाव ले के भी चले चलो 
चलो लहुलूहान पांव ले के भी चले चलो 
चलो कि आज साथ साथ चलने की ज़रूरतें 
चलो कि ख़त्म हों न जाएँ ज़िंदगी की हसरतें 
चले चलो .....
ज़मीन ख़्वाब ज़िंदगी यक़ीन सबको बांटकर 
वो चाहते हैं बेबसी में आदमी झुकाये सर
वो चाहते हैं जिंदगी हो रोशनी से बेख़बर
वो एक एक करके अब जला रहें हैं हर शहर
जले हुए घरों के ख्वाब लेके भी चले चलो
चलो लहूलुहान पांव.......
वो चाहते हैं बांटना दिलों के सारे वलवले
वो चाहते हैं बांटना ये ज़िंदगी के काफिले
वो चाहते हैं ख़त्म हो उम्मीद के ये सिलसिले
वो चाहते हैं गिर सकें ना लूट के ये सब किले
सवाल ही हैं अब जवाब लेके भी चले चलो
चलो लहूलुहान पांव..........
वो चाहते हैं जातियों की बोलियों की फूट हो
वो चाहते हैं धर्म को तबाहियों की छूट हो
वो चाहते हैं जिंदगी में हो फरेब झूठ हो
वो चाहते हैं जिस तरह भी हो मगर ये लूट हो
सिरों पे जो बची है छांव लेके भी चले चलो
चलो लहूलुहान पांव..........
चले चलो दिलों में घाव ले के भी चले चलो
चलो लहुलूहान पांव ले के भी चले चलो
चलो कि आज साथ साथ चलने की ज़रूरतें
चलो कि ख़त्म हों न जाएँ ज़िंदगी की हसरतें
चले चलो .....
चले चलो... चले चलो... चले चलो...

Chale chalo dilon me ghav leke bhi chale chalo,
Chalo lahuloohan paon leke bhi chale chalo,
Chalo ki aaj saath-saath chalne ki zaruratein,
Chalo ki khatm hon na jayen zindagi ki hasratein. Chale chalo...

Zameen, khawab, zindagi, yaqeen, sab ko bantkar,
Woh chahate hain bebasi mein aadmi jhukaye sar,
Woh chahate hain zindagi ho roshani se bekhabar,
Woh ek-ek karke ab jala rahe hain har shahar,

Jale hue gharon ke khawab leke bhi chale chalo.
Chalo lahuloohan paon...

Woh chahate hain baantana dilon ke sare valvale,
Woh chahate hain baantana yeh zindagi ke kafile,
Woh chahate hain khatm ho ummeed ke yeh silsile,
Woh chahate hain gir sake na loot ke yeh sab kile,

Sawal hi hai aab jawab leke bhi chale chalo.
Chalo lahuloohan paon...

Woh chahate hain jatiyon ki, boliyon ki phoot ho,
Woh chahate hain dharm ko tabahiyon ki chhoot ho,
Woh chahate hain zindagi me ho fareb, jhooth ho,
Woh chahate hain jis tarah bhi ho magar yeh loot ho,

Siron pe jo bachi hai chhanv leke bhi chale chalo.
Chalo lahuloohan paon...

Chale chalo dilon me ghav leke bhi chale chalo,
Chalo lahuloohan paon leke bhi chale chalo,
Chalo ki aaj saath-saath chalne ki zaruratein,
Chalo ki khatm hon na jayen zindagi ki hasratein.

Chale chalo.... Chale chalo... Chale chalo...

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Teen says father forced her into prostitution, got her married twice

Akbar, who was held along with a Sudanese national, the girl’s foster mother, aunt and two brokers, was booked for rape and child marriage.

A shocking case of a hotelier allegedly forcing his teenaged daughter into prostitution and then twice performing her marriage for money, came to light on Thursday, police said.
Based on a complaint lodged by the minor, police registered a criminal case of rape and child marriage against her father Akbar. Along with him, Kanchanbagh police detained a Sudan national, Mannan, with whom the minor’s marriage was held a week ago. The minor’s foster mother, aunt and two brokers were picked up late in the night and were being interrogated to ascertain facts, Santoshnagar ACP S. Sai Krishna said.
As per the girl’s complaint, Akbar and her aunt Niloufer got her married to a person living in Nagpur two years ago.
“Akbar allegedly collected Rs.2 lakh from that person for in return for his daughter’s hand,” the ACP said. However, the teenager returned to her parents’ house and eventually divorced him, charging that he had harassed her.
As per the complaint, the minor’s aunt and another woman took her to Mumbai and left her in the custody of an Arab Sheikh who forced her into prostitution. She alleged that her father and aunt sent her to Mumbai and left her with brothel operators, and strangers who sexually exploited her.
They collected Rs.50,000 from an NRI Jamal after leaving the minor in his custody for over eight days.
He also abused her sexually, police said.
On February 14, Akbar performed the minor’s marriage with the Sudan national.
The minor was sent to a hotel to spend time with the foreigner but she claimed that she escaped from there.
She sought the help of People’s Union for Civil Liberties State president Jaya Vindhyala, who met senior police officials and took the minor to Kanchanbagh police station.
Sections 376 and 370-A of the Criminal Law Amendment Act, Section 6 of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offence Act, Sections 4 and 5 of Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act and Sections 9, 10 and 11 of Prohibition of Child Marriage Act were invoked against the accused.
The Hindu
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Business motive behind human trafficking: DGP Bihar

PATNA: Describing human trafficking as an organized crime through which individuals generate wealth at the cost of society, state DGP Abhayanand on Thursday said police investigations should not be limited to the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act for child victims and Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act, but the property generated by the accused should also be brought to surface.Addressing a state-level master trainers' training programme for state police officers, organized by the Bihar police in collaboration with Action Against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children, the DGP said though the police did not have powers to confiscate the property of the offenders booked for organized crime, human trafficking was always done with commercial motive and its economic aspect should not be left uninvestigated by the police. He said the police would soon be given the right to confiscate properties worth up to Rs 5 crore in such cases by the central government.The information collected by the cops will be fruitful while filing enforcement case information report (ECIR) with the Enforcement Directorate (ED) against the offenders, which would later lead to the confiscation of the property acquired by them, the DGP said and added at least 40 ECIRs had been registered by the Bihar police with ED and claimed success in 70% of them.Regarding hurdles in nabbing white-collar people involved in such cases, the DGP said it was due to the lack of proper training and sensitization of the cops concerned, who restrict the investigation of the cases mostly to the persons nabbed from the spot.Speaking on the occasion, former National Disaster Response Force DG P M Nair said Article 23 of the Constitution prohibited human trafficking in every form. He said besides the recovery of the victims and punishment of the culprits, prevention of human trafficking was also the duty of the police.Discarding the earlier notion that prostitution was the only form of human trafficking, Nair said it is broadly of three types: sexual exploitation, labour exploitation and miscellaneous including organ trade, mail order bride and camel racing. Any kind of commoditization of human being is human trafficking, he said.

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Minor Girl Sold for Rs 15,000 Rescued

A 12-year-old girl, who was allegedly “sold off” by her aunt to a family in Bhubaneswar where she worked as a domestic help, has been rescued by police and handed over to Childline.She was produced before the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of Khurda which found her traumatised and in a state of distress. The girl was apparently subjected to torture by her employers. Member of CWC Benudhar Senapati said a complaint has been lodged at Chandrasekharpur Police Station in this regard.The girl was rescued by the PCR team from the road on February 6 evening and handed over to Childline. A native of Jajpur’s Kuakhia, the girl was one of the nine siblings. Since her father was a daily labourer and unable to support the large family, his sister Tara took the girl home and enrolled her to a school. When Tara needed money for her daughter’s marriage, she allegedly ‘sold’ the girl to a family in Chandrasekharpur for `15,000 two years back, CWC member Benudhar Senapati said. All this was done without the knowledge of the victim’s father.The victim, however, faced severe torture, physical and mental, during the stay. On February 6, the girl was thrown out of the home by the employer and found roaming around when police rescued her.The Child Welfare Committee took the matter seriously and reported it to Chandrasekharpur Police for investigation under Sections 16, 17 and 18 of the Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act, 1976, Sections 23 and 26 of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act.The police are reported to have detained the employer, a Central Government employee, on Sunday.

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3 Delhi girls rescued from Amritsar

Three minor girls, who had gone missing from Tilak Nagar area of West , were rescued within 24 hours from Amritsar, police said today. 

According to police, the three girls, aged between 14 and 15 years, had fled to Amritsar due to fear of examination. 

"During questioning, the girls revealed that due to fear of examination they had gone to Amritsar. No foul play has come to notice so far. However, further investigation is going on," said Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) Ranvir Singh.

A resident of Tilak Nagar on Tuesday had filed a police complaint stating that his two daughters did not return from school. Police had received a similar complaint on the same day in which a person had reported that his minor daughter had gone missing from school, said police. 

During investigation, police came to know that one of the missing girls had called her friend from a PCO in Amritsar. Subsequently, a police team was dispatched which, after extensive search, rescued the girls, said Singh.
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Lack of proper legal action encourages sex mafias: NGO Guria

VARANASI: Generally after rescue of girls and women forced into prostitution, the case is made weak by the police. And in rescue operations, the major factor that is ignored by most of the NGOs and police is the legal follow-up action because of which the conviction of accused remains negligible. The sex mafias get encouraged because of less possibilities of stringent punishment. The accused get stays orders, bails and explore other ways and means to delay the proceedings in the courts.
Photo : Manorma

"Taking advantage of the Supreme Court judgment on our special leave petition for bail rejection, we have already got 224 bail pleas of accused rejected," said a member of Guria, an NGO working in this field since 1994. The focus on opposing bail is an strategy to nail the human traffickers and brothel keepers.

UP is a source, transit and destination for women and children trafficked for the purposes of sexual exploitation and domestic servitude. Bangladeshi and Nepali women and children are trafficked to UP or transit through UP en route to West Asian countries. Inter-state and intra-state trafficking in UP is also alarming.

"Hence, we embark upon rescue of enslaved/trafficked girls. As a strategy, we compulsorily involve civil society in most of our rescue operations. In total, 98 trafficked girls have been rescued, followed by filing criminal case against the traffickers. Most of the girls belonged to Nepal, Bangladesh and Indian states of Orissa, Chattisgarh, Bihar and West Bengal," he said. So far, about 200 girls and women forced into prostitution were rescued in different parts of the state. Guria is fighting legal battle against 800 persons allegedly involved in human trafficking.

The survivors of sex trafficking and child prostitution in the region of eastern UP will come on a public platform to narrate the ordeal they faced. In order to create mass awareness against the evil of girl trafficking and child prostitution, a two-day gathering of the survivors is going to be held at Rajnarayan Park, Beniabagh on February 22 and 23. The survivors and their family members from Varanasi, Mau, Azamgarh, Ghazipur and Jaunpur would take part in the event. They would publicly narrate the ordeal they faced and make an appeal to people to come forward to end this social evil. The survivors would also present street play, song and dance based on this issue. TOI
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February 10, 2014

Assam girl sold & raped in Haryana flees captivity

 A 22-year-old girl from Assam’s Udalguri district, who was sold to a man in Haryana for Rs 80,000 and allegedly gang raped, recently managed to flee the clutches of her captor. The victim, who belongs to a poor family, was reportedly trafficked for the purpose of forced marriage by her aunt Meena Kumari, who sold her to a resident of Haryana, Suresh.
The victim used to work as an assistant in a garments shop in Guwahati and was lured by Meena Kumari, a resident of Fatasil Ambari here, to visit Sirsa in Haryana on the pretext of visiting her daughter.

On May 7 last year, the victim boarded a Delhi-bound train with her aunt. On reaching Delhi the next day, she was taken to Jind district in Haryana, about 130km from Delhi, and forced to stay in a house for four days. Her aunt told her that she would come back after which they would go to her daughter’s place together. But Meena did not return, the victim told counsellors of Shakti Vahini, a Delhi-based NGO, its spokesperson Rishi Kant said.
After four days, the girl was sold to Suresh, a resident of Haryana’s Kaithal district and the son of a daily wage earner, for Rs 80,000.
The victim told the counsellors that Suresh and his cousin Mahavir raped her. “Suresh even put pressure on her to bear his child. When she refused, she was beaten up severely,” Kant said, quoting the victim.
The girl said she was forced to do all kinds of household work like washing and cleaning. Suresh confined her in his house and subjected her to the worst form of slavery. She would perform household chores the whole day and at night she was sexually abused by Suresh and Mahavir.
“On January 26, the victim managed to escape and reached Kurukshetra, about 50km away, where she narrated her sordid tale to a person who took her to the railway police who referred the case to Kaithal police. Both the accused have been arrested, along with Meena.
Kant said when Shakti Vahini contacted the victim’s family, “her elder brother told us that they did not have any information about her whereabouts”. Kant said the victim’s family members would go to Delhi to bring her back.
A case was registered under different sections of the IPC at Rajound police station in Kaithal district on January 31. The victim is now lodged at Nari Niketan, a women’s shelter home at Karnal in Haryana.
Several such cases have come to light recently. In December last year, police rescued a 32-year-old woman — a mother of two kids and a minor girl from Haryana. Last month, some minor girls trafficked to work as domestics were rescued from Delhi.

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February 03, 2014

BJP MLA meets Almora SP, complains against human trafficking

Issue of Trafficking is now political Issue, BJP MLA Ajay Tamta on Thursday held a meeting with Almora SP Ajay Kumar Bhatt to complain against a case of human trafficking which took place a few days back.

The video
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January 26, 2014

Growing trend in kidnapping child brides

The charity Compassion has highlighted the growing trend in child brides. They are working to tackle what they call marriage abduction, or bride kidnapping, through partnerships with the local church across the globe. It has been reported that girls as young as 13 are captured against their will and forced to marry. This is a common occurrence in some parts of the world, in which they are often subjected to rape with the aim of forcing pregnancy and thus legitimising the union in the eyes of the local community. Although forced marriages are frequently reported in the press, “bride kidnapping” is less well known despite many communities across the globe seeing it as a traditional custom. In parts of Thailand, particularly among the Hmong community, the practice is common and sometimes even endorsed by parents. "According to Hmong culture, women are not naturally treated with respect or honour. There is a belief that daughters are just temporary residents, and that they will eventually have to leave their parents to be with their husbands," explains Pastor Wittaya of Ban Nam Sum church, which has been working with Compassion to combat the systematic abuse. "If they cannot stay in the marriage with their husbands, they are prohibited to return to their parents' homes because there is no place for them." Compassion is committed to changing the cultural attitudes that make such horrific abuse permissible, working in partnership with local churches and organisations to protect and care for vulnerable girls. One such example is the Kao Kor Grace Child Development Centre, which works among one of the largest communities of Hmong people in Thailand. It now has over 500 children registered in its safeguarding programme, and has reported huge successes. At least half of their registered children have been protected from abduction, and around 250 have graduated high school. Thirty have gone to university and 15 have thus far graduated with a bachelor's degree. These statistics indicate an incredible level of care given that teens in the Hmong community usually leave school after ninth grade. "We may not be able to change the whole culture immediately, but we can start with the mindset of our children," explains project director Mrs Wasana. "They're learning about their rights in society, what the Bible says about their identity and their freedom to choose their life partners without being subject to the Hmong's traditional practice." Mrs Wasana and her team have built up a network of connections that give them immediate access to authorities if a case of kidnapping is reported. 

 Posted by Amanda Hopkins 
 Extract from http://www.christiantoday.com
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December 26, 2013

Four teenage girls forced into prostitution rescued from Meerut red light area

Four teenage girls, including two Nepal nationals, who were forced into prostitution were rescued from a red light area in Kabadi Bazaar in Meerut. Based on a tipoff, the Anti Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) of the Meerut police at night raided a house from where a sex racket was being run by a woman named Sumitra and rescued the four girls, The girls are aged between 16 and 17 and two of them are Nepali nationals while the other two are from Jaipur, Sumitra managed to escape and a hunt is on for her, One Rajkumar, also from Nepal, was taken into custody and is being questioned by police.

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